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Child Care Centre: Helping Unleash Your Child’s Potential

Time flies so fast that it seems like children grow with just a blink of an eye. As parents, we would like to hold them in our arms as often as we could. However, you will also need to let them go and fly on their wings at some point. You can start their journey in uncovering the wonders of life at a child care centre. Search online for ‘child care near me’ to find the best educational facility for your little one.

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What Is a Child Care Centre?

Child care centres are more than just an institution where you can leave your kid while you’re at work. They serve a major role in the life of your little one. Here, children get to enjoy and learn through different programs, as well as, play with other kids their age. Everything is supervised by trained teachers and staff. At a child care centre, you can be sure that your child is in good hands.

What Do Children Learn at a Child Care Centre?

The biggest benefit children get in a child care facility is education. They gain understanding about different things that can be applied not only in the next levels of their studies but also for the rest of their lives. When looking for ‘child care near me’ online, check what programs they offer that will enhance your child’s developmental capabilities.

Physical Skills

Teachers at a child care centre use a variety of physical activities and equipment that help kids discover how to move their arms, legs, hands, fingers, and overall body. Throwing and catching, for example, improve the gross motor skills of a child. Meanwhile, playing with clay or stacking and arranging blocks promotes hand and finger coordination. These exercises also strengthen their bones and muscles.

Social Skills

Enrolling your kid at a child care Moreton Bay facility opens an opportunity for him/her to cultivate friendships. Teachers train children on how to get along with each other. Aside from learning and playing together, they also realise the value of respect and conflict resolution.

Emotional Skills

Children may sometimes have uncontrollable feelings. At a child care centre, kids are taught how to manage them well. They also become aware of other’s feelings and how to show concern for people.

Communication Skills

Effective communication skill is important in every aspect of our lives. That is why child care centres Sunshine Coast teachers make sure to include this in their curriculum. With their help, your kid can learn how to talk, listen, write, and read clearly and confidently.

Cognitive Skills

Kids love discovering new things. Teachers are available to guide and encourage children to ask more questions, improve their thinking abilities, solve problems and make decisions. These allow the young ones to understand the world better.

Where to Enroll My Child in Australia?

Lady Gowrie Child Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that provides high-quality early childhood education since 1940. Their child care centres welcome kids from six weeks up to 12 years old. They offer different programs that pique the children’s interests and broaden their knowledge and skills. In addition, they have multiple locations in Queensland. Check for ‘child care near me’ search results online to find one in your area. Visit for more information!