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4 tips to find superior corporate catering service in Melbourne for your events

Hosting events, like weddings, corporate gatherings, or private parties, have never been this convenient. Thanks to top-calibre catering companies Melbourne currently offers, any event will surely rock and satisfy your guests.

While it’s so easy to get carried away with planning an event, you must not overlook hiring catering companies to work their magic. This is because, in this society where instant food dominates, the taste of authentic and savoury cuisine is such a reprieve. On top of that, you can ensure that there is a good balance with your menu when you select a catering company that you can trust.

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That is what superior catering companies do for any event.

However, knowledge is different from experience. It’s not enough that a company claims to be superior.

Below are a few tips to help you determine whether the wedding or corporate catering Melbourne service is worth your dime:

  1. Track record — To find out if a catering company is reliable, check their track record. How long have they been in service? How many clients have they accommodated and were satisfied with their company?

This will give you an idea of their calibre as caterers. There’s nothing wrong with choosing startup companies, but you also run the risk of disappointing your guests.

  1. Feedback from past clients — As mentioned above, feedback from their previous clients is important. You can check their online pages to know whether their service is superb or mediocre.

Read reviews online. It’s normal for a company to have negative reviews, but too many negative reviews are not good for their overall reputation. Look for catering companies Melbourne offers that have lots of positive feedback than negative reviews.

  1. Location — While choosing a popular catering company is not a crime, you should also consider their location.

How long will it take for them to reach your venue? Instead of pushing for a popular company that is located several miles away, choose a company that is within your area or close to the venue of your event. Visit us at Essential Caterer

Whether it is a wedding, private party, or an office catering Melbourne has these days, choose a caterer that is familiar with your area and with the local flavours.

  1. Cost — Even if you have set a budget for your event, you still want a company that offers competitive prices. While your goal is to save money, you should also think about the quality of the service and the overall food presentation.

So, make sure to do a taste test and be reasonable with your choices. Think of a menu that suits your theme without disrupting your projected expenses. You can find finger food catering Melbourne has today that suit your tastes and budget.

These are just a few tips to remember when looking for superior catering companies Melbourne has these days. It’s not enough that you have lavish food choices, but the quality of the food matters a lot too!

If you are looking for a top-calibre catering company, Essential Caterer is here to serve you. You may visit to know more about their services.

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How to Find the Right Company Offering Traditional Food Services

In the age of modernized services, traditional services are still running when it comes to food catering. To this day, traditional food service remains at the top as most people still prefer the classic and old-fashioned touch.

Apart from that, here are other reasons why traditional food service is still opted by many.

traditional food service


Companies offering this type of service are very keen when it comes to cleanliness in their kitchens. They carry out a strong policy where no outsiders and other unauthorized people can enter the food preparation area. Their amazing food service is a result of strict policies and a clean working environment.


Some businesses in Queensland, including those in the Sunshine Coast area, use nutritious and gluten-free ingredients because they are concerned about their customer’s health benefits. So, if you are on the lookout for Sunshine Coast food services, make sure they only serve natural and healthy ingredients. This ensures good quality food products and optimum service.

Traditional Recipes

Businesses offering traditional food service are more likely to use recipes that have been passed around for many generations. They offer meals that are from their mothers and grandmothers and add their own modern touch. You can even request for totally gluten free food service should you want to.

Number of Years in the Business

One of the factors of an excellent business is the fact that they have been in the food business for years and have been providing traditional services to thousands if not millions of customers. Their tenure is a symbol of good quality products, which many people prefer these days. This also means that their company is doing well and have gained the trust of their customers.


Of course, you need to make sure that the services offered are affordable. You can’t just pick one without knowing how much it would cost you. It’s better to have a ballpark figure so you can come up with the right budget. Having a budget prevents you from spending too much on something that you may not need in the end.

Additional Services

It is a plus for companies to offer additional services like already-packed food products for giveaways during special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Try contacting the company of your choice if they offer this service. It never hurts to request for additional services as long as they offer it.

To Summarize

With the many options to choose from, traditional food service is still preferred by many because of the abovementioned aspects. You need to value these factors, so you can find the best one in the Sunshine Coast area. If you are not so sure where to start, you can begin by asking friends or relatives who have tried a few businesses before and compare your options. Interactive maps are also a great help and so is talking to experts like Country Chef. These businesses have been around for quite a while, which assures you that the quality of service they provide is outstanding.

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Tips for Getting Your Dream Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the center piece attractions during your wedding day. The cake will take center stage when you do the ceremonial slicing as part of the wedding celebration. Hence, it is only but necessary to give a lot of attention on creating your dream wedding cake. It will be literally the “icing on the cake” for the most important day in your life. By choosing your wedding cakes Melbourne shop wisely, your effort and investment will pay off as the cake is guaranteed to wow your guests!

Wedding cakes can either take on a simple or elaborate design. It is completely up to you! The wedding cake you have chosen should reflect your dream wedding. There are distinctive personalities to each cake depending on which online cake supply stores you ordered them from. However, the best cake makers or suppliers are able to translate your vision of what your dream wedding is like to match it with your cake.

Consider these tips when choosing shops for wedding cakes Melbourne has to buy from:

• Be specific and elaborate about your wedding cake details. If you want to get a visual idea of what your cake looks like, present a picture of your desired design to your baker. If you want them to use the photo as inspiration only or an exact copy of the design you want, make sure to let them know. Be prepared to pay for your desired cake design, too. Experienced cake supplies Australia shops will charge for the cake based on the amount of effort, time and skill required to make it.

• Give your baker enough lead-in time. When it comes to creating your dream wedding cake, you simply cannot rush it. Hence, inquire with cake shops in Melbourne about how much lead in time they need for each order? Also, make sure to present a photo of your desired design because the time it takes to complete each cake design will vary greatly. The more time they have to prepare for your wedding cake, the better the design you will produce too.

• Don’t forget the taste. Wedding cakes are all about the visual and aesthetic appeal. Hence, most newlyweds often overlook the taste when it comes to choosing a supplier for their wedding cake. But you should not overlook this important detail, especially if you plan on serving your guests this wedding cake. Always ask the baker or shop if they offer a free taste test along with the service. You should be able to know how the cake would taste like before you finalize the order.

As you envision your dream wedding cake, it is easy to get lost in your dream. But you need to focus on the essential things you need to consider when choosing the best wedding cakes Melbourne shops to buy from. Your ideal wedding cake should meet your standard of quality when it comes to taste, decoration and execution. These are qualities you can expect only from trusted cake shops like Choice Cakes. You can view their gallery on their website at